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Data Management

ORCA IT Consulting was approached by Elsa Coggan, a leading medical research institute, to develop a data management solution to streamline their research process. The client was struggling with a large volume of research data, which was causing delays and errors in the analysis process.

Project Details: Our team of experts worked closely with the client to develop a customized data management solution that met their unique needs and requirements. The project was divided into the following phases:

  1. Requirement Gathering: We conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s existing data management processes to understand their challenges and pain points.

  2. Solution Design: Based on the analysis, we developed a comprehensive data management solution that included data cleansing, data integration, and data quality checks.

  3. Solution Implementation: We used a combination of tools, including SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), to implement the data management solution. The solution was integrated with the client’s existing research database and analytics tools.

  4. Testing and Quality Assurance: We conducted rigorous testing and quality assurance to ensure that the data management solution was functioning optimally and meeting the client’s requirements.

  5. Deployment and Maintenance: Once the solution was tested and approved, we deployed it on the client’s server. We provided ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the solution continued to function optimally and meet the client’s needs.

Tools Used: We used a combination of tools to implement the data management solution, including SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), which is a data integration tool used to extract, transform, and load data from various sources. We also used data quality and cleansing tools, such as Talend and OpenRefine, to ensure that the data was accurate, complete, and consistent. Finally, we used a data visualization tool, such as Tableau, to help the client visualize the data and gain insights into their research process.

By working with ORCA IT Consulting, Elsa Coggan was able to streamline their research process and improve the accuracy and efficiency of their data management. The solution we developed helped the client save time and reduce errors, enabling them to focus on their core research objectives.


Elsa Coggan

Project Duration



June 14, 2022


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